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About Us

About Us

Our Mission: Shaping the Future of Health Insurance at Instant Health USA

Explore the origins of Instant Health USA and our dedication to simplifying health insurance through customized, budget-friendly solutions and outstanding customer support, empowering individuals and families on their journey to wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

Our Commitment

Everyone needs affective and affordable health insurance. Let us do the analysis to figure out what plan is the best deal for you. We can uncover a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Needed Coverage

You will find insurance plans for the entire family to help cover serious medical emergencies. We can help you save on doctor visits, low-cost prescription medication and preventative health services.

Maps to the Markets

We work tirelessly to stay informed about the latest changes in the healthcare markets. We can provide you information on what your market has available right now and any expected changes.

Our expert agents

Our expert health insurance agent specializes in offering personalized solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. With a deep understanding of the complex world of healthcare coverage.

Junior Fernandez

Junior Fernandez is an experienced and professional health insurance agent, committed to providing personalized insurance solutions to cater to the unique needs of each client. With his expertise and dedication, Junior Fernandez ensures that clients receive the best possible coverage, while simplifying the complex world of healthcare insurance.